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andrew & haley: annivesary shoot | {Traverse City Photographer}

This shoot was SO fun that I had to do something different for the post. I decided to ask Andy and Haley three different  questions about their relationship; past and present.

I decided to mingle them in between photos. Enjoy viewing their love! They’re adorable!



11: what is your favorite memory of you two, pre-wedding?

Haley – That was a long time ago! Ha! I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast today. But I will honestly never forget the sweetest thing he did for me while dating. After knowing him for 12 days he sent me a dozen red roses with the note “for the 12 days I’ve known you”.


1: what are 4 or 5 things that attracted you to Haley before you were married?

Andy – *Her beautiful eyes and smile
*Her strong opinions and values
*She is such a hard worker, is always go go go and can’t ever sit still
*Her laughter and sense of humor
*The way she cared for and played with kids
*Her creativity    (Psss…She’s THEE one and only Haley; owner and creator of The Sweet Sugar Beet)



2: what is one of the most funny or embarrassing thing that happened to you two?

Haley – I actually think of the story of how we met is funny (and especially if you went to MSU). We met at The Dollar (aka, the dirty dollar). That in itself is funny since the place wasn’t known for finding your soulmate, or any mate. It was 18 and up night and we were celebrating my roommates 21st birthday. Andy was there with his roommates and recognized me as “the cheerleader” (he had lower bowl basketball tickets). I was in the restroom with the girls and when I came out Andy was against the wall. We made eye contact and he did a little “come on over here” head bob. Yup, a head bob. And the rest is history!


2: if you could keep just one memory of some past event or period of time…which would it be?

Andy – The birth of our children. The moment when the doctor handed them to her to hold for the first time. Sharing all that love, pride, and joy.


3: how does Andy make you feel loved?

Haley – Andy is the most caring and supportive person. Being the OCD/crazy that I am he literally drops everything to help me when I’m in my moments of weakness or frustration. If that means sewing, he’ll do it. And if he doesn’t know the answer or how to solve whatever is, he’ll figure it out and make it right. He has the patience of a saint and loves our kids more than anything. I love that he’s just a big kid himself with them. Sometimes I honestly wonder if he builds the things he does for them because they want it, or he does! When we were dating he showed his love for me in different ways than he does now and that’s ok!  He has such an active relationship with our family. Him wanting to be with us as much as possible is all the love we need. He’s the best!

3: what does she do that makes you feel really loved?
Andy – She always makes really creative and thoughtful gifts for my birthday & Christmas & Father’s Day.

And she makes me get off my butt and workout 🙂


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